TikTokers riot at Breakout music festival after Lil Baby cancels at last minute

TikTok: hanniussupreme

TikTokers captured scenes of festival goers causing havoc after rapper Lil Baby didn’t perform at the BREAKOUT Festival in Vancouver.

While TikTok sprung to prominence as a platform for dancers, singers, and artists to show off their skills, it has become much more than that over the last few years, as it is now home to a wide range of creators.

Even though many are still focused on creating content around trends and crazes, there are plenty who use the app to share their everyday lives and random moments they come across along the way.

Over the weekend of September 17 and 18, TikTokers in Vancouver sprung to the front of a few For You Pages after they captured wild scenes at the BREAKOUT Festival after Lil Baby pulled out of performing as the headline act.

BREAKOUT Festival riot captured by TikTokers

The ‘Yes Indeed’ rapper was supposed to be the headline act at the Vancouver-based music festival but was pulled from the show after he was “too sick to perform.”

After attendees, who had paid $300 for tickets, received the news, they didn’t take it well at all. As viral clips across social media show, they immediately set about causing damage to tents and areas set up at the festival.

One post, from TikToker hanniussupreme, showed that festival goers broke into some of the bars and started disturbing drinks to others. On top of that, they even took TVs that were also there.

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While some viewers had sympathy for the attendees disappointed by the fact they didn’t get to see Lil Baby, some weren’t all that impressed.

“Happy I didn’t go now lmao. Hip hop festivals bring out the worst people in the area,” said one. “Everybody going to jail lol,” added another.

As per NARCITY, the Vancouver police department responded to the scene amid the chaos and the festival organizers confirmed there was “significant damage” to the area.