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TikToker’s mom has anxiety attack after Walmart employees accuse her of stealing

Published: 14/Apr/2022 22:06

by Shay Robson


A TikToker has claimed that four Walmart employees made her mother have an anxiety attack after they were both accused of stealing in a video that’s gone viral on the social platform.

With TikTok’s immense popularity around the world with reportedly 1.2 billion monthly active users, it’s no wonder bizarre videos tend to continue to go viral on the platform.

It’s no different than a recent video from user @terrionnayancey, whose TikTok went viral as she claimed her mother had an anxiety attack after the two of them were accused of stealing from Walmart.

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TikTok now reportedly had over 1.2 billion monthly active users.

In an April 13 TikTok, user Terrionna Yancey shared a video of two Walmart employees checking receipts and going through every item in their cart as they accused the creator and her mother of stealing from the store.


“My mom had an anxiety attack at Walmart because 4 employees grabbed her on the way out and accused her of stealing,” wrote the TikToker. “In a store full of people laughing and recording, thinking she actually stole something. Not even a real apology.”

In that two-minute-long video shared, viewers can see a worker carefully checking every item in each bag while another looks over the receipt to make sure the purchases match. One of the employees even snapped back at the TikToker for “commentating” while recording the video.

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“This is the most embarrassing thing ever, when you come to Walmart and you come here every day and spend hundreds of dollars in the store,” said Terrionna in the video.


Many viewers were appalled that they didn’t get an apology after the receipts proved they didn’t steal from the store. “Even after finding out he was wrong, he still never apologized,” a commenter said.

Another called for one of the workers to be fired: “He should be fired. His attitude, reaction, unneeded and I wouldn’t want to shop where he works. Simple.”

Since posting, the TikTok has amassed over 233k likes and 2.2M views at the time of writing, and it continues to explode on the platform.