TikTokers extend goal after raising $1 million for trans healthcare charity in hours

TikTokers AlluringSkull and Mercury StardustInstagram: mercurystardusttopz

Trans TikTokers Mercury Stardust and AlluringSkull managed to raise $1,000,000 for trans healthcare charity Point of Pride in just a few hours, so they’ve extended their goal.

Charity streaming on platforms like Twitch and YouTube is a common occurrence, with some of the internet’s biggest influencers raising insane amounts of money for the charity of their choice.

But, what about running a charity fundraiser on TikTok? The app’s infamous ‘Trans Handy Ma’am’ Mercury Stardust set off in 2022 to raise $24,000 in 24 hours but managed to hit $120,000.

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This year, Mercury and her co-host Jory (AlluringSkull) alongside other special guests set off to raise $1M in 30 hours — but they managed to surpass that in just hours so they’re going for double their original goal.

Trans TikTokers extend goal after raising $1M in just hours

Beginning in the evening of March 30 with intentions of going for 30 hours through March 31, Mercury Stardust and her co-hosts were excited to begin with $400,000 already donated.

Just a few hours later, Mercury uploaded a video revealing that if they hit $1M within a set amount of time after the upload went live — they would go for $2,000,000, doubling their initial goal.

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Unsurprisingly to most of her followers, the charity live stream reached its goal with 24 hours left of its planned 30 hours.

So, she uploaded a video of their reaction to share with followers that weren’t there when it happened.

At the time of writing, Mercury, Jory, and everyone else involved in the live stream have raised $1,482,321 and are well on their way to the new goal.

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