TikTokers convinced viral Roman Empire trend started on Suits

Screenshot of Meghan Markle in Suits alongside broze statue of Julius CesarTikTok/Unsplash: Ilona Frey

A TikToker has gone viral after finding a reference to the Roman Empire in a 10-year-old episode of Suits, and people are convinced that is where it all started.

If you’ve been anywhere on the internet in the past few days, you’ve very likely come across the Roman Empire trend. If you haven’t, well, it typically involves women asking their male partners just how much and often they think about the Roman Empire. 

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Some of them answer that they don’t think about it all that much, but the videos that have gotten the most traction are those that involve answers where someone thinks about it often and what their place would be in it all. Women have been left pretty baffled by it all as they try and get an insight into male minds. 

However, there is somewhat of a new spin going viral at the minute, as some TikTokers have traced it back to an episode of Suits from 2012. 

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TikTokers believe Suits started Roman Empire trend

That’s right, as people have been digging into things and trying to figure out how the trend got its start, some have pointed to Suits as a possible reason. 

TikToker debodell uploaded a video on September 17, noting that in episode one of season two, Mike and Rachel – played by Meghan Markle – have a conversation about it. “Audiobook. Fall of the Roman Empire,” Mike answers, as a joke, when asked what he’s listening to. 

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“The Roman Empire thing goes deeper than we thought,” … said on her clip, prompting plenty of responses following suit. “I immediately thought of this scene when I saw the Roman Empire thing,” said one. “LMAO they mentioned it in season 7 too, I was dying last night,” added another. “Richard Gilmore mentions it in the beginning of season 5 too,” another pointed out.

Naturally, some viewers don’t agree and have questioned if others hit the history books while in school. “Do Americans not care about the world’s history at all? Just their own?” asked one. 

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Suits has become immensely popular once again now that it’s on Netflix, so it makes sense that people are linking the two – given their popularity intertwining at the same time.

The trend got its start after author Sam Slupski highlighted seeing it and asking their husband about it. Unlike the Roman Empire, the trend hasn’t died off just yet. 

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