TikTokers come under fire for viral “begging” trend

TikTokers: Noah Glenn Carter (left), Zach Bruns (right)TikTok: @noahglenncarter, @zachaburns

Content creators who make viral “begging” for money TikToks are under scrutiny for using the trend for their personal gain.

Recently a trend on TikTok exploded where content creators ask their viewers for money for a variety of needs like cars or debt, or because of occasions like their birthdays.

A recent example of this is a video by Zach Burns with the caption: “My birthday in a week if 5000 people donate $1 I can get a car so I can drive to school and work.”

Creators engaging in the trend are being criticized for essentially “begging” on the platform, with many users pointing out that it is impossible to tell what that money then gets spent on.

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TikTok news channel NoahGlennCarter made a video breaking down the situation.

“Many people have gotten tired of this trend saying that most people asking for money are probably spending it on just whatever they want and not what they say they are going to spend it on,” said NoahGlennCarter.

“Begging” TikTokers face backlash

Several content creators have also made an ironic version of this trending template, asking viewers for things like “$8 for Crab Rangoons”. Or simply made response videos like NoahGlennCarter criticizing the practice.

The comment section of Noah’s video is also flooded with many users showing their disapproval of the situation.

“Most of the people begging are richer than me and my parents”, wrote one user. Before another replied in agreement saying: “I don’t know why they’re complaining they literally have it all.”

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“They be acting like this, but make fun of people on the streets doing the same,” another said.

“These people infuriate me, thank you for shining light on this,” commented another.

But there are some people defending the actions of people asking for money, mainly arguing that it is harmless at the end of the day. “It’s just a dollar,” stated one person, garnering some ‘likes’, suggesting that there are others who agree.