TikToker’s attempt at scaring city workers in crazy costume goes hilariously wrong

SpiritWalker TikTokTikTok: Spiritwalker

A TikToker has gone viral on the app after his attempt at scaring city workers in a crazy costume didn’t go quite as intended.

It’s finally October 2022, which means that content creators nationwide will begin their “spooky season” celebrations in their own iconic ways.

For Brandon Johnson, who goes by the name Spiritwalker on TikTok, he saw a prime opportunity to scare a few city workers in his Spiritwalker costume on October 2.

However, the reaction he received from the workers wasn’t exactly as planned.

TikToker’s attempt at scaring workers goes hilariously wrong

In the video, he walked out of his garage in his spirit walker costume and headed toward the people working on a power pole beside his garage.

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As he approached them, one of the workers laughed and said: “Wooooh. That’s a fast way to get knocked out.”

They called over another employee, who also laughed at the costume.

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As the video went viral, amassing over two million views in less than a day, viewers flooded the comments with their thoughts.

One user commented: “Bro it’s those blue collars you gotta be scared of they ain’t scared of nothin.”

“Dude’s like “I’ve seen so much worse doing this” but I’m sure you gave him one hell of a story,” another commented.

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A third viewer mentioned that it might have worked better at night: “Bet you would have got a much different reaction if it wasn’t during the day at work.”