TikToker xoBrooklynne goes viral as ‘My Crown’ video is slammed by critics

YouTube: xoBrooklynneVEVO

Popular TikToker ‘xoBrooklynne’ is going viral as her debut music video, ‘My Crown,’ garners intense backlash from fans and critics alike.

xoBrooklynne is a TikToker with over 10 million followers, who is best known for her makeup videos and her love of all things princess-related.

Over the course of her career, Brooklynne has garnered acclaim for her messages about body positivity and self-love, using social media as a platform to call out deceiving filters and rude comments.

However, some fans think her debut song makes a sharp turn from her usual positive branding — and it’s earning the TikToker some intense backlash.

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xobrooklynne instagramInstagram: brooklynnexo
TikTok star xoBrooklynne is a known advocate for self-love — but fans are calling her mantra into question amid the release of her new song, ‘My Crown.’

xoBrooklynne slammed over ‘My Crown’ song

On December 8, Brooklynne released her very first song, ‘My Crown.’ The peppy tune hits back at her online “haters” and claims that “everyone wants a piece of my crown.”

However, it’s lyrics like “I’m better than everyone else,” that have fans raising an eyebrow, noting the swift change from her TikTok persona.

“This is just proof fame can change people!” One commenter said on YouTube. “She went from body positivity to ‘I’m better than everyone.'”

“She really went from ‘everyone’s amazing in their own way’ to ‘everybody wants to be me,'” another pointed out. “Like, I’m not spreading hate nor do I condone it, but I think it needs to be said.”

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Other commenters have taken to brutally roasting the video, with one writing: “I refuse to believe that this isn’t a really big joke and she’s just really dedicated to it.”

YouTube comments xobrooklynne my crownYouTube: XoBrooklynneVEVO
Comments underneath Brooklynne’s ‘My Crown’ music video criticize the TikToker over her song’s message and lyrics.

Thus far, Brooklynne hasn’t hit back at the criticism directly — although she did make some comments about “never singing again” in a “Pen in Cup” challenge video after the song’s release.

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The TikToker has even claimed that she’s releasing an entire album on Friday, December 18 — although the jury is out as to how fans will react to this upcoming project.

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