TikToker Wren.Eleanor disables comments after backlash for videos of her daughter

Wren Eleanor TikTok backlashTikTok: Wren.Eleanor, allthings.kelso, replyhazy

A TikToker by the name of ‘Wren.Eleanor’ has disabled comments on her videos after others claimed she is “exploiting” her daughter for views.

With the surge of video platforms like TikTok over the last few years, more and more families are sharing their lives on the internet.

A TikToker with the username ‘Wren.Eleanor’ has amassed over 17 million followers while sharing videos of her with her three-year-old daughter. It’s noted on their channel that the mom’s name is Jacquelyn, while Wren is her daughter’s name.

Other moms on the short-form video app are calling out the TikToker in various videos for “exploiting” her daughter for views and in response, Jacquelyn has disabled comments on her videos.

Wren.Eleanor under fire for “exploiting” her daughter

With over 17 million followers, Wren.Eleanor’s videos receive millions of views. On July 8, an upload of Wren playing with water balloons that received over 11 million views.

Wren’s mom, Jacquelyn, has shared videos of her out partying with other “mom” friends as well, which has amassed over five million views.

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However, other moms on the platform have called out Jacquelyn for “exploiting” her daughter while pointing out aspects of her videos and how people are reacting to them.

TikToker creator Replyhazy uploaded a video showing two clips that Jacquelyn uploaded of Wren, with one showing the child in the bath.

She points out that the “normal” upload has 2.1 million likes and only 14.6k saves while the bath video only has 1.9 million likes but has been saved 58.4k times — implying that she is being “exploited” by the wrong type of people.

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Another TikToker, ‘allthings.kelso’ mentioned a few of her videos with a large number of saves and talks about how “disgusting scum of the earth” save and sell clips involving children.

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After these began to surface, Jacquelyn disabled comments across her account so it is not possible to see how viewers were reacting to the content in the comments.