TikToker goes viral after catching man throwing cat litter into her yard

Image of a cat next to a back yardTikTok: serraelle / Unsplash: Manja Vitolic

A TikTok user has garnered millions of views after she caught a neighbor throwing cat litter into her yard on video, with viewers appalled by the man’s behavior.

Short-form video platform TikTok has now become the ultimate place to upload the craziest moments that you’ve captured on camera, whether that be an animal doing something hilarious or a customer having a tantrum at a store.

People will often upload videos ‘exposing’ others for their less than respectable behavior, and these clips regularly go insanely viral on the app, stirring debate.

In April, TikTok user Serra Elle uploaded a video with the caption “when you discover why your yard is always covered in cat litter/cat [poop emoji.]” The clip shows a man chuck what appears to be cat litter from his balcony right into the yard below him.

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Shortly after, Serra uploaded a part two video in which she and her husband confronted the neighbor, with the husband saying: “It’s always in my yard, it’s making me sick, it’s making my wife sick, it’s making my dog sick.”

Initially, the neighbor appears to deny the claims, saying “I’ve never done it,” but then later goes on to say, “I won’t do it anymore.” He went on to apologize and offer to clean up the litter he had thrown into their yard.

“He’s only sorry he got caught. I’m so glad y’all spoke up,” one comment with over 50,000 likes read. “He’s straight lying he was looking around to see if anyone was watching before he did it,” said another.

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In the comments, Serra updated viewers that they have all since moved away from those apartments.

“I do not condone any threats are harm towards this person or people in this apt. He no longer lives in those apartments. I’ve moved away as well. I’m letting the city, university, and eventually court handle things since landlords be slumlords.”

Combined, the videos about the neighbor have garnered over 7 million views, and have stirred debate in the comment section among viewers.