TikToker Vinnie Hacker responds to claims he used a racial slur on stream

Vinnie Hacker poses with a phone in his handInstagram: vinniehacker

TikTok star Vinnie Hacker has responded to accusations that he used a racial slur while live on stream, denying the claims in a series of tweets.

Vinnie Hacker is one of TikTok’s most popular stars, and in his time on the platform, he’s managed to cultivate a following of over 10 million.

He has a large number of very loyal fans, but he has previously said he’s “scared” to become romantically involved with anyone as a result of the influx of hate girls receive from fans when they’re rumored to be involved with him.

On July 14, Vinnie’s name started trending on Twitter after people started sharing a clip of him saying something that many claimed was a racial slur, with his name quickly trending on the site.

He was quick to shut down the accusations, saying that he was actually thanking a sub and just “said the name fast.”

He went on to slam those who were starting the backlash, saying, “I can’t ever catch a f**king break. something new every f**king week,” adding, “just shut up please for the love of God and let me live a life.”

In multiple tweets, the TikToker also made reference to the fact that the Twitter storm had occurred on his birthday.

Following this, he also went on to repost a TikTok a user had made that claimed Vinnie was thanking a sub called Nikki, leading to the confusion.

While some defended the star, asking people to ‘give him a break,’ others started using his tweet saying he ‘can’t catch a break’ as a meme, unconvinced by his response.

It’s not clear whether he plans to address the controversy any further beyond his initial series of tweets on the matter, but the video certainly managed to pick up a great deal of traction online.