TikToker under fire for tricking grandma into stealing from Walmart in cruel prank

tiktoker pranks grandma into stealing from walmartTikTok/kodychody

A man is facing backlash over a brutal prank on an elderly grandma after tricking her into stealing an item from Walmart.

Prank content can be some of the most controversial on the internet for a number of reasons. In addition to some viral stunts being scripted, others get called out for taking things too far on innocent victims.

Over the years we’ve seen plenty of content creators get into trouble for their pranks and now one is facing the wrath of the internet for targeting a grandma.

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In a viral video taking the internet by storm, TikToker ‘kodychody’ was able to get a Walmart employee to give him AirPods and used it to bait a woman shopping in the store.

Grandma tricked into stealing from Walmart for content

After the employee gave Kody the item under the impression that he’d pay at the front, he approached an elderly lady and told her she had won the AirPods.

“It’s your lucky day!” he exclaimed. “You just won new AirPod Pros!”

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Although the woman seemed a bit suspicious about her prize and wondered what she did to deserve it, Kody was able to convince her that it was legitimate.

Unfortunately, when she went to leave the store, the security system sounded, indicating that the product was being stolen.

In the comments, viewers defended the elderly woman, saying they “feel extremely sorry for that poor grandma.”

“That’s absolutely menacing,” another said.

However, some believe the prank is fake with one user writing that the AirPod box was already open.

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Whatever the case, Kody has yet to provide an update to the viral prank and what happened with the woman. So far, the clip has been viewed over 2M times on TikTok and 12 million times on Twitter.

This is hardly the first time a viral prank has caused drama recently. Earlier this month, YouTuber Tanner Cook was shot in a mall foodcourt after one of his practical jokes took a dangerous turn.

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