TikToker under fire after JustaMinx names alleged home invasion assailants

. 29 days ago
Justaminx names purported tiktoker home invasion
YouTube: Justa Minx

Twitch streamer JustaMinx has named one of the TikTokers who she claims allegedly tried to gain entry to her home in a tense altercation that’s gone viral.

On June 6, Twitch streamers living in the Epic House claimed that a group of TikTokers had tried to enter their home during a large party.

One of the streamers, named ‘CodeMiko,’ said the TikTokers had purportedly thrown a rock at them after being denied entry to the house.

This statement was later corroborated by JustaMinx, who went live in a Twitch stream the very next day to shed more light on the story.

According to Minx, the rock was thrown hard enough that it tore through the screen on CodeMiko’s window. Additionally, one of the TikTokers had allegedly spat at her.

Minx claims that she phoned law enforcement two times during the altercation, although no officers ever showed up at the scene.

A day later, Minx named one of the purported TikTokers — and he’s facing extreme amounts of backlash on his account.

On June 7, Minx uploaded a video sharing the name of the TikToker, a user by the name ‘aceof_spadess.’ The TikToker boasts 4.9 million followers and is best known for his humorous skits.

justaminx name drop
TikTok: justaminx
JustaMinx has since deleted her video name-dropping one of the alleged TikTokers who tried to gain entry to her home.

Although his videos have garnered millions of likes and views each, the comments section is a different story. Many of his videos are filled with critical comments bringing up the alleged home invasion attempt.

“Damn bro, you really breakin’ into peoples’ crib now?” one commenter said.

“Ayo, why you trying to break into someone else’s house?” another asked.

“Bro really out here breaking and entering,” yet another commenter quipped.

justaminx tiktok comments 1

Minx has since deleted her TikTok naming the person, which she worried would be taken down by the platform due to “legal reasons.”

TikTokers hit back at JustaMinx claims over purported “home invasion”

Hours later, one of the TikTokers involved in the situation uploaded several videos sharing her side of the story.

The TikToker, named ‘rheg,’ claimed that she and her friends — who she says used to live at the house — wanted to show their friend the view from the master bedroom.

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At first, rheg said everything was civil, but claims Minx walked out on the balcony and allegedly escalated matters. According to rheg, Minx had purportedly yelled “slurs” at their group before spitting at them, prompting one of the TikTokers to throw the rock.

After this, rheg claims that Minx allegedly threw a vase down at their car. This made the party clear out, with Minx reportedly chasing them down the street in their vehicle.

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Rheg went on to state that aceof_spadess had “nothing to do” with the altercation and apologized on her friends’ behalf.

Minx has yet to comment further on the issue at the time of writing.

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