TikToker under fire after being bullied on Instagram Live for her looks

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Sisters and TikTokers Mackenzie and Maddie Ziegler are former Dance Moms stars-turned-internet sensations — but social media isn’t a nice place all the time, especially where comparison is involved.

For those not TikTok-savvy, the Ziegler sisters are pretty popular on the viral video app, boasting millions of followers a piece across multiple platforms — but there’s clear favoritism toward one sister out of the two siblings.

Many viewers are quite vocal about their feelings toward Maddie, finding her to be the more physically attractive one out of the duo. This has unfortunately lead to mean comments and even outright bullying toward younger sister Mackenzie, which reared its ugly head during a recent Instagram Live.

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The sisters went live on Instagram to speak to their fans when one commenter compared Mackenzie’s face to “puke” — more specifically, saying “Kenzie’s face is puke.”

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After Kenzie read the comment aloud, sister Maddie was quick to call out the offensive message and even threatened to report the user’s account.

That didn’t stop Mackenzie from making her own statement on the subject, defeatedly telling her sister, “This is why I don’t stand next to you.”

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Some fans took issue with Kenzie’s response to the mean message, though, claiming that she was attempting to guilt-trip her sister for her appearance, as well.

Kenzie addressed these concerns in a comment shortly thereafter, explaining that she’s been compared to her older sibling ever since she was a child and that she suffers from insecurity due to this near-constant comparison.

Mackenzie Zeigler responds to accusations of guilting her sister for her appearance in a TikTok comment.

Mackenzie Zeigler responds to accusations of guilting her sister for her appearance in a TikTok comment.

“To everyone saying that I’m trying to make Maddie feel guilty, I have always been compared to her since I was little,” she wrote. “That comment was implying that I was ugly compared to her. I am very insecure, so of course seeing comments like that gets to me. Sorry for giving the wrong impression.”

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This isn’t the first time TikTok siblings have been compared to each other, either; sisters Charli and Dixie D’Amelio seem to constantly be placed under the microscope, with angry viewers even accusing Dixie of copying Charli’s nose surgery.

Fans are showing ample support in wake of the hurtful comments and are pleading with fellow users to stop harassment and bullying in wake of several high-profile creators taking their leave of the app due to hateful trolls.

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