TikToker “trained” her facial muscles to stop moving to avoid wrinkles

TikToker trains face to stop moving 2Pexels.com: Andrea Piacquadio / TikTok: isabelle.lux

A TikToker is coming under scrutiny after revealing how she “trained” the muscles in her face to stop moving as a way to avoid wrinkles.

Skincare and beauty are two hugely popular categories across multiple social sites.

Users flock to YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to share their skincare routines, and several licensed dermatologists have even made a home on the net as medical-based content creators like Dr Dray, Doctorly, and more.

However, one creator is coming under scrutiny for her unique way of combating facial wrinkles — and she says it’s by “training” her face to stop moving, completely.

TikToker Isabelle Lux claims that she taught herself to stop moving her facial muscles when she was in high school by practicing in the mirror, hoping that “thirty-year-old me, forty-year-old me, would not have wrinkles and would be able to talk and be happy.”

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“You might think it’s sad. I know this sounds weird, but that’s actually how I did it,” she explained.

“If you wanna learn how to do it, just sit in front of the mirror, try and practice. It took hours. I admit it took hours. But it is worth it, I’m telling you.”

While some viewers are impressed by Isabelle’s dedication to keeping her face completely static, others are criticizing her for fighting what they say is a “natural” part of being human.

“Wrinkles are the lines of life,” one user wrote. “I’ve obviously laughed a lot by the look of mine, but that makes me happy.”

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“Aging is natural and nothing to be ashamed of,” another argued.

“Just live folks! Facial expressions are beautiful!” yet another urged.

tiktokers react to not using facial muscles to avoid agingTikTok: isabelle.lux

Still, others point to the facial feedback hypothesis, which posits that facial expressions can actually prompt a corresponding emotion — for example, that smiling can actually cause happiness and frowning can prompt sadness, etc.

This is just the latest skincare ‘hack’ to go viral on TikTok after slugging took the app by storm, encouraging users to slather their face in Vaseline to make their products more effective.