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TikToker Tessa Brooks opens school in Bali for children in poverty

Published: 4/May/2021 13:08

by Jacob Hale


TikToker and social media influencer Tessa Brooks has officially opened her own school in Bali, with an organization that aims to help children “escape poverty through education.”

Tessa first became known online as part of Team 10 alongside Jake Paul back in 2017, and since then has become a star in her own right, with an ever-growing audience across YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and more.

While creators across different spheres all use their platforms for different reasons, Tessa has clearly used her success to make the world just a little bit better with her latest initiative.

On Monday, May 3, Tessa announced that she was opening a school in Bali called The Tessa Brooks Learning Center with Karmagawa and the Bali Children’s Project.


tessa brooks
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Tessa isn’t typically known as a philanthropist, but this project is exceptional.

The Bali Children’s Project’s tagline is “escaping poverty through education,” and they aim to serve children from environments of hardship who could otherwise be forced out of education and into low-paying jobs to support their families.

Calling it her “dream forever,” Tessa was stunned to see photos and videos of all of the children she’s helping, in class and getting an education at The Tessa Brooks Learning Center.

She calls it “the cutest thing ever” and promises to be on the first plane out to Bali to visit the school when it’s safe to do so.



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Tessa’s is the 79th school opened by Karmagawa, who are always open to donations to help build schools, feed struggling children or simply provide helpful tools to offer them a more comfortable life.

Brooks has around 20 million followers across her social media channels, and with her doing this, we could see many more be influenced and seek out ways to help children around the world that need it the most.