TikToker stunned as Starbucks ceiling tile crashes onto his family’s table

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Unsplash.com: Sorin Sîrbu / TikTok: @plasticb

One TikToker was left flabbergasted after a ceiling tile fell onto their table while relaxing with some coffee at Starbucks — and the internet thinks he deserves a hefty payday.

Thanks to the advent of social media, people all over the world are uploading the crazy things that happen in their lives… some of which is truly unbelievable.

Luckily, the ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ age is by and gone, as users all over the net are able to capture wild moments on camera.

This is exactly what one TikToker did when the totally unexpected happened to him during a routine Starbucks run.

TikToker shocked after starbucks ceiling tile falls on table
Unsplash.com: Asael Peña
A TikToker named Mauricio was left stunned after a rogue ceiling tile fell on his table at Starbucks.

TikToker Mauricio uploaded a short clip to the video-sharing app that showed a scene of mayhem and destruction at his local Starbucks.

Apparently, Mauricio had been enjoying some coffee with his family when multiple ceiling tiles fell onto their table. His TikTok recording the situation shows debris littering their table and the floor.

It also looks like some water dripped onto the ground as a result of the collapse, suggesting that water damage could have been responsible for the issue.

Mauricio had a humorous caption for the video, writing: “@starbucks hello? I want to talk.”

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Although the caption was just a humorous jibe, he’s not the only one looking for recompense; commenters are also saying that he deserves at least some free coffee next time he and his family come into the store.

“Time to get the money and free drinks,” one viewer commented.

“Why are you acting okay?” another joked. “Get on the floor and get that bag!”

“Don’t accept anything they offer you at the store,” another advised. “Lawyer up asap.”

TikTok ceiling tile starbucks comments
TikTok: @plasticb
Commenters were split between joking about the situation and handing out legal advice. Either way, it seems the majority think Mauricio is entitled to some sort of compensation.

Thus far, it doesn’t look like Mauricio or his family have pursued any damages from Starbucks, and the TikToker has yet to post an update to the viral video, which has garnered over half a million views since being posted on May 22.

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