TikToker splits the internet after going viral by pretending to work

. 24 days ago
TikToker pretending to work with TikTok logo
TikTok: leciakeys21

A TikToker, who is currently working as an intern, has sparked a dispute on the platform after posting a video pretending to look busy while at her job.

Many employees from a variety of businesses have given viewers an insightful look into their working day through the magic of TikTok.

For instance, there was the McDonald’s worker who let customers into a well-kept secret over its ordering system and the Starbucks baristas who got real about the coffee franchise’s cup sizes.

Creator ‘leciakeys21’ similarly decided to show what she gets up to during her marketing strategy internship. However, on a slow day, she tries to find a way to keep herself busy.

TikTok creator @leciakeys21
TikTok: @leciakeys21
leciakeys21 was struggling to keep herself busy as she claimed her new job hasn’t given her a lot of work to do.

TikToker tries to look busy at work

In a June 9 TikTok video, leciakeys21 is shown at her desk looking intensely at her computer with a loud keyboard typing sound in the background suggesting she is hard at work. Although, the caption says otherwise.

She added: “Me pretending to work at my internship cause they have not given me enough things to do yet.”

Speaking to Newsweek, she explained: “I was never really having a problem with work since I have only been there for a week and my boss was very transparent about telling me she knows I don’t have much to do yet […] I had a dull moment and decided to make a TikTok, having no idea it would blow up as much as it did!”

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Although, some viewers argued that the TikToker should be more proactive in trying to find work. As one commentator said: “Go ask for more work, they expect u to be proactive and continue asking for tasks.”

Yet, many more viewers could relate to the video saying how they also try to keep themselves occupied during a particularly slow day including “constantly refreshing Microsoft teams to show [they’re] available.” Another viewer stated: “I didn’t realize this was a universal experience.”

The video has gone onto to pick up 1.5 million views as of writing and with the likes of LinkedIn also giving her encouragement, this phase will hopefully only be temporary.

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