TikToker Spencewuah calls out ex-boyfriend for calling him a liar

Alice Hearing. Last updated: May 13, 2021
Spencewuah and Luis Bergin
Instagram: Spencewuah/ TikTok: underbrunch2000

TikToker Spencer ‘Spencewuah’ Hunt has called out his ex-boyfriend, Luis Bergin, on TikTok after he posted a series of screenshots in a video that implied Spencer was a liar. 

Spencewuah is a TikToker with almost 10 million followers and has become well known for his ‘daily scream’ videos, in which he randomly screams into the camera, usually about an inconvenience that has occurred in his life.

In December 2020, fans were excited to find out that Spencer had begun dating Luis Bergin – however, in March, it became apparent that the pair had broken up. Since then, Spencer has poured his heart out to his followers and explained that Luis had actually been unfaithful.

Instagram: Spencewuah
Spencer has almost ten million followers on TikTok

However, Luis then made a TikTok sharing screenshots between him and Spencer, which appeared to suggest that the breakup was amicable and that Spencer had promised not to post publicly about any of the details.

One of the texts from Spencer read, “I’m not making any video addressing what happened. I don’t think it’s anyone’s business and I’d like this to remain private between us.”

Another text said, “I’ve seen a lot of videos circulating on my fyp pertaining to our break up, so I wanted to make sure you were handling it well… I’m reaching out because I want you to know that if you ever need anything, I’m here, and if in the future you need anything, I don’t want you to feel hesitant in reaching out.”

In addition, one text began, “I know you didn’t use me for clout, so please don’t think that thought has ever crossed my mind,” which appeared to contrast with one of Spencer’s recent claims against Luis that he had told friends he’d only dated him because he was a TikToker.

Spencer calls Luis out

Spencer clapped back at Luis’s latest video in one of his own, revealing that some important details had been left out.

“What he failed to mention in his video is that I sent those texts within two weeks of our breakup,” Spencer said. “And yes, I told him not to post any videos. And he posted one because I posted a video saying I hate all men, even though that phrase existed long before him, and I have been saying that on my page since before – long before we got together.”

Spencer also explained, “I did send a text message checking up on him to make sure he was okay. But I sent those messages before I found out that he tried to hook up with his ex, before I found out that he lied to me about his race, and before I found out he told two of his friends he only wanted to talk to me because I’m a TikToker.”

Meanwhile, Spencer’s fanbase have overwhelmed his comments with outpourings of love and support.