TikToker sparks debate claiming McDonald’s Drive Thru worker called her ugly

TikToker brielle on left with tiktok logo on rightTikTok: celestialshortie

A TikToker has sparked debate after uploading a video where she claims a McDonald’s drive-thru worker called her ugly after taking her order.

When it comes to TikTok, many creators have found their way to viral stardom after sharing stories about their trips to McDonald’s.

Recently, an employee went viral after claiming coworkers spied on her while another TikToker slammed the company after a manager kicked him out for “loitering.”

Brielle, who goes by the name Celestialshortie on TikTok, is the latest to go viral with a McDonald’s story after claiming a drive-thru worker called her ugly after taking her order.

TikToker claims McDonald’s worker called her ugly

In her video, Brielle explained that she went to McDonald’s to get something to drink and found a long line in the drive-thru.

Deciding to wait anyway, she said that once the worker took her order she could only move her car forward a few inches because of the line.

“Not even 10 seconds after I had completed my order, I hear the woman that took my order go ‘she was ugly’ through the speaker,” she explained.

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After she got to the window to pay for and pick up her drink, she asked the worker to tell whoever took her order that they need to make sure their microphone is turned off before calling people ugly.

As the video went viral, it sparked a debate between viewers regarding whether or not the comment was actually directed at Brielle.

“Do you happen to live in the south? Sometimes ugly doesn’t mean looks it’s more about attitude,” one user commented.

Another user replied: “I work at McDonald’s, we can’t see the people who are ordering. I truly don’t think it was about you. I take the orders. I usually talk to coworkers.”