TikToker sparks debate after getting dress-coded at Disney over backless top

TikToker sparks debate after getting dress-coded at Disney over backless topTIKTOK: jordyngraime/UNSPLASH: Guillermo GR

A TikToker left viewers divided after revealing she got dress-coded at Disney World for wearing a handkerchief top.

In a viral video, content creator Jordyn Graime can be seen at the park sporting her allegedly ‘inappropriate’ top, which entailed a backless loose silky shirt.

“When you get dress coded at Disney,” she wrote in text-overlay of the clip, that saw the TikToker being given a free Disney T-shirt to cover up.

Jordyn didn’t reveal why she was dress-coded, however Disney World states in its guidelines, “We reserve the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that we consider inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other guests.”

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The regulations also state that the park has the right to deny or request those wearing dangerous clothing to change. This includes “excessively torn clothing or loose fitting clothing which may drag on the ground and create a potential trip hazard.”

While she didn’t get to flaunt her outfit around the park, she received a free T-shirt to change into, which is worth $20 according to the receipt Jordyn showed in the clip.

“Disney doesn’t like backs I guess,” she captioned the video, which amassed over 4 million views.

In the comments, some TikTok users didn’t see anything wrong with Jordyn’s top.

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“I’m sorry…. what?! As a married mom of three I see no problem with this shirt,” one commented.

“I didn’t even know Disney did this and apparently they are picking the wrong people cause I’ve seen way worse,” another added.

Others sided with Disney, calling her outfit “inappropriate” for the family-friendly park.

“Why would you wear something like that there anyway? I’m tired of people wearing inappropriate clothing to Disney just to get a free shirt,” one wrote.

“For Vegas, yes. But for more family oriented place line this? No,” another said.

Recently, many female influencers have allegedly started wearing skimpy clothing to the parks to receive a free T-shirt.

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In October, a TikToker’s attempt to finesse the system at Disney World completely backfired as she was forced to buy a T-shirt.