TikToker sparks backlash after faking injury to skip airport lines

Unsplash.com: John Oswald / TikTok: wolfjenko

A TikToker has sparked a debate on the app for faking a leg injury to skip lines at the airport for a trip back home from holiday — and not everyone is amused by his strategy.

TikTok is home to viral content of all kinds. From one user sharing a chicken tender recipe that helped him lose 66 lbs to another spilling Starbucks’ trade secrets, it’s easy for unique content to take the app by storm.

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The latest video taking over the platform comes from a user who filmed himself going through airport security for his flight back home from vacation… but his methods for doing so aren’t sitting well with some users.

TikToker ‘WolfJenko’ was on his way back home from Turkey when he decided that he’d had enough of lines at the airport.

TikToker under fire for genius airport hackUnsplash.com: Phil Mosley
One TikToker found a workaround for those long lines at airport security.

To mitigate his wait time, he faked an injury to his leg and was able to secure a wheelchair from airport staff. The clip shows Jenko skipping past security to go through a special metal detector just for people in wheelchairs.

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That’s not all; he even showed that he and his buddy managed to get two entire rows to themselves on the plane to stretch out his ‘injured’ leg. Jenko managed to deplane and got back home with no problems — and no one questioning his injury.

“Amazing what taking off one sock can achieve,” he said of his prank. His video recording the practical joke has racked up over one million views.

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The clip has prompted a slew of viewers to share their own funny stories of using wheelchairs at the airport, while others criticized the TikToker for potentially taking away equipment that wheelchair-users might need.

“This really isn’t funny, there are some of us that really actually need this!!!” one user wrote.

“Be careful because what goes around comes back around,” another said. “Coming from a wheelchair user.”

“This has made me so mad,” another commented. “Actually offered to help with your bags. I was with my son and mother who actually need to use this service.”

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TikTok wheelchair commentsTikTok: wolfjenko
Comments on Jenko’s video were fairly mixed, with plenty of users upset at his prank while others couldn’t wait to try it for themselves.

While this TikTok has the net up in arms, it’s far from the most controversial air-travel shenanigans to take over the app – like the time someone closed the plane window behind them with their bare foot.

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