TikToker slams “horrible” platform as account stealing his content gets off the hook

MandicReallyYouTube: MandicReally

TikToker MandicReally slammed the “horrible” platform after reports of an account stealing his content came back with “no violation” found.

3D Printing content on TikTok has become a popular section of the platform with over 11 billion views on the accompanying hashtag.

MadicReally is one of those creators, amassing over 693,000 followers on his account where they share a wide variety of print designs including their infamous can cups.

The creator isn’t exactly happy with the platform right now, however, calling it “horrible” after they refused to take down an account that’s been stealing their content.

MandicReally slams TikTok as “horrible” platform

On September 20, Mandic posted on Twitter that they had reported an account that is impersonating them on the platform, from the profile image to every single video uploaded to the channel.

“Hey, TikTok how is there “No Violation” for someone whose entire account is a rip-off of me? Their profile image & EVERY photo are of me and my videos,” they said.

“Ripped off, no credit (wouldn’t matter anyway) nothing. Way to prove yourself as horrible for Creators!”

Mandic also posted a video on his TikTok account, revealing that they’ve reported the account as pretending to be them and even submitted a copyright claim on a few of their videos.

They went on to explain that they don’t like bringing attention to stuff like this, but the user “clearly” doesn’t intend on stopping.

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Viewers flooded the comments on TikTok with their support, explaining that many other creators are having the same problem.

Either way, it’s happening to MandicReally… and they’re not happy with it.