TikToker slammed for complaining about being “too pretty” to work

TikToker slammed for complaining about being “too pretty” to workTIKTOK: luluhasfun

A young TikToker faced backlash on social media after complaining about not wanting to work, because she’s “too pretty.”

Lucy Welcher, a content creator with over 80,000 followers on TikTok, made the bold statement in a now deleted viral video.

In the short clip, she was sitting in a car with her makeup done, holding a Starbucks drink, as she declared that she’s too good-looking for employment.

“I do not want to work for the rest of my life,” the blonde said, while looking at the camera. “Does it look like I want to get up at 6 a.m. every f**king day for the next 60 years?”

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She then answered her own question saying, “no, I’m too pretty for that,” before taking a sip of her iced vanilla coffee.

Lucy captioned the video, “Not my thing,” with a laughing face emoji, as well as a couple of hashtags about work.

TikTok users were quick to slam the content creator for her rant and attitude about work.

“Try waking up at 4 a.m. every day working 60 hours a week,” one user complained, claiming they have it way worse than Lucy.

“Someone’s entitled,” another wrote. “I hope you get humbled girl, you need it. Looks have to nothing to do with working and it’s sad you have that mentality.”

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“How about trying to be an adult instead of a privileged princess expecting life to be handed to you?” someone else questioned.

Despite the backlash, there were some users who were quick to agree with Lucy.

“Preach it sissy!” one quipped, while another chimed in saying: “This is exactly how I feel.”

“Sending this to every employer I’ve ever had,” a third added.

The TikToker later took to the comment section of her video to insist that her remarks were “a joke.”