TikToker Sienna Gomez responds to backlash over “harmful” merchandise

Instagram: Sienna Mae Gomez

TikTok star Sienna Gomez has responded to fan concerns after they claimed that her new line of sweatshirts – which include the slogan “Have you eaten today?” – could be harmful for people with eating disorders.

As part of her clothing line ‘Confident is Cute,’ Gomez revealed some incoming merch on the brand’s official Instagram page. The clothes, which include sweatshirts and sweatpants for both men and women, are all emblazoned with the question: “Have you eaten today?”

It’s safe to say that the slogan on the products did not go down well with fans, with many accusing Sienna of ridiculing eating disorders and profiting off them. One fan on Instagram accused Sienna of “taking people’s genuine struggles and sticking it on fabric for profit,” adding that she “couldn’t care less about people with eating disorders.”

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Another Instagram user said that “it feels like she’s glorifying eating disorders by making money off of an illness.” Sienna later revised the post with a lengthy clarification, claiming that “the question is not meant to make fun of/ glorify EDS/ be harmful or ironic in any way.”

“This question is hoping to encourage/ check in with people if they actually ate. This question is about expressing compassion and care for those who are seriously struggling,” she said.

However, despite this clarification, fans remained unimpressed.

One commented on her post saying, “I get the whole message, but as someone who suffers from the topic of eating, it is incredibly embarrassing to be reminded of it by a hoodie. people who are recovering do NOT want to be reminded of a dark time in their life. It’s amazing that you are trying to spread awareness but putting it on a hoodie will not help.”

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Sienna then proceeded to post some more thoughts about the line, explaining that proceeds from the sales will go to teen crisis hotline TeenLine “in addition to the $25,000 [she’s] already donated.” She also reaffirmed her commitment to the clothing line despite fans’ clear reservations.

“I’m grateful for everyone’s feedback about the merch because it’s how we grow,” Gomez said. “Some of it is tough to hear, but I still stand behind the intent of this line 100%. and if you hate it, don’t buy it. But let’s all remember to be kind here. We’re all struggling with something.”

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Sienna has since uploaded a video response to all the backlash, which many critics claimed was “completely scripted.”

“Hey guys, I’ve heard the messages from many of you and I’m deeply sorry for any offense caused,” Sienna said. “I am young and I am still navigating the world and this industry, and obviously I will not always get it right the first time.”

The TikToker also revealed that she completely removed her merchandise, and clarified that she will still be donating the proceeds to TeenLine.