TikToker shocks viewers after tattoo “falls off” her face

TikToker's face tattoo falls offTIKTOK: ratqueen412

A TikToker shocked many viewers after revealing that her tattoo ‘fell off’ her face less than a week after she was inked.

Content creator Aliana, who posts under the handle ratqueen412, took to TikTok to reveal her fresh ink had mysteriously disappeared just days after she got it.

Aliana is no stranger to tattoos as she has multiple inkings on her arms, legs, and face, but when her latest tattoo fell off her face, she was shocked. 

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In a viral video with over 1.8 million views, she shared that a tattoo she got on her face in Fort Lauderdale, Florida “fell off” after three days.

The video then cuts to a photo of where her face tattoo once sat, before she showed the ink that had somehow fallen on her finger.

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TikTok react to woman’s tattoo falling off her face

Aliana’s tattoo problem seemed to be quite common, according to many users commenting. “Nobody believes me when I tell them my thigh tattoo fell off,” one user shared.

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“My finger and back of the ear and arm did the same,” another added. “That happened to a star on my foot except I woke up without it and it was stuck to my blanket,’ someone else commented.

According to an article by Inked Mag, this can occur if a tattoo is “applied poorly or applied in a tricky location.” This could result in the tattoo rapidly fading and can cause pigment to fall out.  

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The magazine also noted that it’s normal for some skin to peel off during the recovery process, but if a tattoo artist doesn’t go deep enough, a tattoo “won’t stick and will be more prone to rapid fading.” 

The TikToker confirmed in the comments that her inking fell off due to the tattoo artist not going deep enough, and that she had gotten it redone.

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