TikToker shocks viewers after new hire sneaks inappropriate picture during training

Tiktoker uploads video of trainee talking pics of herTikTok: Shmokeelo/Unsplash: SolenFeyissa

A TikToker has left viewers shocked after uploading a video showing the new hire she was training at work taking an inappropriate picture of her.

When it comes to viral videos on the internet, odds are they originated from TikTok as the short-form video app is used by over one billion people a month.

TikToker shmokeelo has uploaded one of the most recent viral videos, showing camera footage of a trainee at work taking an inappropriate picture of her as she stood up from her chair.

It’s amassed over 6.2 million views since she uploaded it on September 16, and nearly 6,000 users flooded the comments with their thoughts.

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TikToker shocks viewers with camera footage

The video reads: “How training someone new at my job went…”

The footage shows her and the new hire sitting in chairs in front of a window. She stood up to presumably take care of a customer, and the trainee snuck his phone out to take pictures of her butt.

Obviously upset, Shmokeelo captioned the video: “I honestly wonder what in his head told him this was okay.”

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Viewers quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts about the footage.

“My boi got fired on his first day hahaha,” one user commented.

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Another viewer said: “Bro he did that IN FRONT of the customers or whoever she was talking to too?”

A third user replied: “I literally have no idea where they get the audacity.”