TikToker SeanKellySays emerges as contender for Rick & Morty voice actor

SeanKellySaysRickMortyTikTok: SeanKellySays/Adult Swim

A voice actor by the name of SeanKellySays on TikTok is going viral on the app as a contender to take over Justin Roiland as Rick & Morty.

On January 12, 2023, Rick & Morty co-creator Justin Roiland was arrested for domestic assault charges and parted ways with Adult Swim (and therefore the show) on January 24.

Being that he was also the main voice actor for the iconic animated series, this also meant that Adult Swim has to recast characters in the series.

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TikToker SeanKellySays has gained traction recently thanks to his near-perfect voice impressions of Rick, Morty, and other characters from the series — and now fans want to see him lead the show.

SeanKellySays goes viral on TikTok

When Sean Kelly first joined TikTok, he was known as ‘MortySays’ and regularly uploaded videos doing impressions of various Rick & Morty characters. He’s since changed to SeanKellySays to put a better focus on him outside of impersonating the iconic characters.

Just last December, Sean uploaded a video where he impersonated Morty and got the attention of Adult Swim’s official TikTok account.

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“He understood the assignment,” they commented.

Since Justin Roiland has been removed from the iconic series, fans have flooded his comments calling for him to take over his spot.

“This is definitely the guy,” said TikToker ToTouchAnEmu.

Another user replied: “Adult Swim, this is your only sensible choice.”

“They definitely need to hire you now that they fired Roiland,” a third commented.

Sean Kelly also posted a video scrolling through all the comments from people wanting him to take over as the voice actor for Rick & Morty.

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At the time of writing, it’s been viewed over a hundred thousand times with hundreds of comments echoing the same thing — people want to see Sean Kelly take over as Rick & Morty.

It’s unknown whether or not he’ll even be considered, but if anything happens, we’ll be sure to update you.

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