TikToker says she makes $13k a month from ‘bendy’ thumb photos

Ryan Lemay

A TikToker is making headlines after reporting she makes $13,000 a month from selling photos of her ‘bendy’ thumbs.

Making exorbitant amounts of money from unconventional products is nothing new. 90 Day Fiancé star Stephanie Matto claimed to make $30,000 from selling her own jarred sweat in one week, and $50,000 a week from jarred farts.

Twitch sensation Amouranth also joined the jarred farts world and sold her own for $999 each. This odd industry seems to have no bounds on how far it will reach.

In the latest business venture of this vein, a former nurse claimed in an interview with the New York Post that she makes $13,000 a month from selling photos of her ‘bendy’ thumbs.

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People often turn to TikTok to tell stories about their lives or, in this case, to ask for an unbiased opinion from the internet.

TikToker makes thousands off thumb photos

Allie Rae is a former nurse that left the profession to pursue a career on OnlyFans. Rae told the New York Post that she “quickly started making six figures monthly, and reached over a million in my first year.”

The TikToker began to sell thumb photos after a man wrote to her and said that he had a fetish for thumbs. Rae decided that she would use her ‘rare and bendy’ thumbs to her advantage.

Rae started selling thumb photos about a month ago.

One thing led to another and eventually, Rae said she “started getting messages from other thumb lovers all over TikTok, and then made another $8,000 this month for pictures and videos of my thumbs on a steering wheel, driving, holding things, etc.”

Rae claimed that she’s made $13,000 off thumb photos in the last thirty days, alone. “It’s pretty crazy stuff, but I think it’s so fun,” she admitted.

In 2019, Belle Delphine joined the hilarious trend by selling jars of her own bath water for $30 each.