TikToker reveals how she accidentally helped her grandpa catfish a man

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TikToker Liddellbird accidentally helped her grandpa catfish a man
TikTok: Liddellbird

TikTok user ‘liddellbird’ has gone viral on the app after sharing a story about how she helped her 70-year-old grandpa catfish a man from another country over the internet. 

Since 2016, TikTok has been the place to be for viral videos.

While some of those videos start a trend, others go viral because of the story the creator is telling — like the guy that put Eels in a pit underneath his house.

Now, Liddellbird has gone viral for a series of videos telling a story about how she accidentally helped her 70-year-old grandfather catfish a man from another country over the internet.

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Catfishing happens so often, that there is even a show based around finding people who catfish.

TikToker helps her grandpa catfish

When you meet someone over the internet, they may not be exactly who they say they are. They could be catfishing you, which is when someone on the internet acts like an entirely different person, sometimes fueled by pictures of someone else on the internet.

Apparently, Liddellbird’s grandpa is doing just that, and she ended up helping him.

In her first video, she explained that her grandpa asked her to send him a picture of her flipping the bird. Being that her name is bird, it would make sense that he might want something like that for her profile picture in his phone contacts.

“He proceeds to tell me that he’s talking to someone on the internet from Romania that seems to be under the impression that he’s a 30-year-old, ex-marine female. Then he tells me to look butch [in the photos],” she explained.

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In her second video, Liddellbird revealed that she began having regret for taking part in the catfish because her grandpa proceeded to explain that the man he’s been talking to is in love with him.

She also showed text messages from her grandpa, who said: “I was going to tell him I’m a guy but I’m having too much fun destroying his head.”

“I guess he’s just doing this because he is old and crazy. I don’t think he’s catfishing for money… he’s just doing it for cruel entertainment. I thought I was just trying to be a convincing lesbian. I thought I was doing a great job but, um… I will not be doing this again,” she explained.

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The creator made it clear that she didn’t knowingly catfish the man in Romania, and that she wouldn’t have done it if she knew at the beginning. On June 22, she revealed that she had a conversation with her grandpa in an attempt to get him to stop catfishing.

Since posting the original video, she’s received millions of views on her channel and even grew to over 16k followers in just a few days.

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