TikToker quits McDonald’s job after coworkers allegedly spied on her mid-shift

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A TikToker went viral after claiming her McDonald’s employees were spying on her mid-shift as she was the only employee in the building actually working.

TikTok has become a popular video app for trending dances, comedy sketches, and so much more.

Another genre of videos that has picked up in popularity is fast food employees bashing their companies for negative workplace practices.

Now, a new video in this genre has gone massively viral, this time a McDonald’s employee sounding off on her bosses and coworkers.

McDonald’s employee goes viral for allegedly being spied on

Tizzie Mia is a TikToker and McDonald’s employee whose video recounting a traumatic event at work went viral withing over 5 million views to date.

She claims at her McDonald’s that her coworkers refuse to take customers’ orders, leaving her the sole employee in charge of taking orders. Despite her request that employees shift their responsibilities throughout the day, her request was denied.

One day, she alerted her manager ahead of time that her grandmother was coming to dine in and say hello to Tizzie. Despite her forewarning, when her grandma came into the restaurant, her boss lashed out at her for not taking orders properly and favoring her grandmother.

Tizzie said, “There were no orders on the screen. I go and take her order and I treat her like any other customer. You can see that on the security camera. But, before I take her order, an employee walks in and waves at the camera, and she goes, ‘Oh, you know the manager is watching you.'”

The TikToker then went into the security room and saw all her McDonald’s workers watching the security camera of her working. “I walk to the security room, and every single employee, besides one and all the managers, are watching me on the security camera. Every single one of them.”

She continued, “Imagine that, all your coworkers are just watching you behind your back. I was the one who got told off for not working, and yet they’re all watching me like I’m some kind of reality TV show.”

In the comment section of the video an outpouring of support came for Tizzie, who then announced she’d be quitting her job at the fast food chain.

She said, “Thank you guys for all the support! I appreciate it so much, I will be handing in my notice as it made me feel so humiliated and embarrassed.”