TikToker mortified after NYC landlord raises rat-infested apartment rent by $800

tiktoker reveals nasty nyc apartment rent hikeTikTok/trina_roseee

A TikToker based in New York City has gone viral after revealing her landlord was hiking rent at her flooded, rat-infested apartment by nearly $1,000 a month and even more for new tenants.

New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the world and it could be getting a lot worse for one Trina Rose.

In a TikTok that’s grossing out the platform, Rose explained how the landlord would be increasing the rent by $800 because “that’s what the apartment’s worth.”

Following this, she began showing off what the inside of her apartment looked like and it’s got to be one of the nastiest things many have seen.

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TikToker reveals flooded, rat and roach-filled apartment

Right after revealing the rent increase, Rose kept mocking the landlord’s quote of “that’s what the apartment’s worth” by showcasing her living conditions.

In addition to floods, the TikToker filmed roaches on the ground and even what appeared to be a couple of dead rats.

Rose went on to reveal that her “greedy bastard” landlord went on to list the apartment for a whopping $1,700 more than what she and her roommate were currently playing.

To be transparent, Rose said she was paying three grand, but the landlord asked for thirty-eight, so she would be moving out, but the next tenant would be paying a lot more.

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“He listed the apartment for $4,700 a month! And is he going to put $4,700 worth of improvements into this place? No!” she blasted.

“It’s still going to have the roaches, it’s still going to be attracting rats in the back and if there’s a f**king tropical storm, it’s gonna flood!”

Users were disgusted by the rent increase and the living area, slamming the landlord for his ways. In any case, anyone in New York might want to stay clear of that area unless they have a love of all things roaches.