TikToker mortified after fan sends her homemade adult toy: “I’m still gonna use it”

Kawter Abed

A TikToker was left mortified after being sent a homemade adult toy from one of her fans.

Mikaela Testa, who’s mostly known as an OnlyFans model, has been traveling overseas following her recent breakup, and is currently in the United States.

Meanwhile, her little sister has been looking after her home in Australia, and going through her packages.

“I just woke up from a nap to my little sister, and I’m so embarrassed, my little sister is looking after my house right now and she went to my PO box,” Mikaela explained in a viral video, which has amassed 2.2 million views.

“She opened up everything, you guys send me the cutest stuff, things I can hang on my wall and notes,” she continued.

However, among the cute freebies in her PO Box, she received a shocking gift from one of her OnlyFans male subscribers; a homemade adult toy, which was a lifelike mould of his genitals.

“That is so personal, I’m in shock – my little sister!” she said.

“The guy was low-key packing. Oh my God, you guys make me blush. What the f–k,” she told her 2.2 million followers on TikTok.

Mikaela ended the video by admitting that she’s probably going to use the toy.

“Don’t be doing that – I’m probably gonna use it though,” she said, while giggling.

Viewers react to TikToker’s unsolicited adult toy gift

Fans and viewers were stunned at what she had been sent.

“These men are like ‘Mikaela testa’s single?? Hold my fkin beer. I’ve got some pottery to do’,” one fan commented.

“Lmao my brother joked about doing this for you I really hope that isn’t the case,” another one added.

Some thought Makaela’s comment about using the homemade adult toy would encourage more subscribers to send her their moulded genitals.

“That last part gonna make this happen so much more ngl,” one fan wrote.

“Now ur gonna get a bunch of those,” another fan agreed.

Others apologized that she was sent such a gift, and warned her against using it.