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TikToker Montana Hughes reveals advantage she has over MasterChef stars

Published: 15/Apr/2022 19:20

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok star and influencer-chef Montana Hughes is set to compete on MasterChef — and while she might not be a seasoned competitor, she’s confident she has what it takes to win.

Australian influencer Montana Hughes is a bonafide TikTok star with over 200,000 followers and 5 million likes on the viral video app.

Her content primarily revolves around all things culinary and cooking. Known for such delicacies as her kiwifruit bark and cream cheese garlic bread, there’s not an item on her menu that doesn’t make the mouth water.

She’s set her sights a bit higher than being a social media star, though, as she’s now slated to participate in the forthcoming season of MasterChef Fans & Faves Australia.


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While she’s definitely got some skills under her belt, the TikToker is the youngest competitor in the group… a cast that is also filled with former competitors who are already used to the pressure of televised cooking competitions.

“Even I can say it myself, the amount of experience I have compared to someone like Julie Goodwin… I mean, that’s something you can’t change,” Hughes said in an interview with 10 Play.


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“But I credit a lot of my foundation in cooking from learning from MasterChef, making the recipes from 10 play, experimenting and stuff like that.


I think, having taught myself from that creative style of cooking is a very different sort of style, and something that I think is a bit of an advantage.”

If things continue on the up-and-up, Hughe’s big dream is to someday open “a small 10-seater restaurant where I have complete creative license over the kitchen,” and even change the menu “week to week.”

There’s no telling how the show will turn out, but one thing’s for sure — Hughes is confident that her unique TikTok flavor will bring something fresh to the table.