TikToker Malu Trevejo flees home to escape drugs & threats from family

YouTube: Malu Trevejo

Malu Trevejo is a popular face on TikTok, where she boasts well over 8 million followers — but her fanbase is growing concerned after she revealed some serious family issues in a few social media posts.

17-year-old Trevejo is a budding internet star and singer. Born in Cuba, raised in Spain, and currently based out of Miami, Florida, the teenage social media mogul has garnered quite the impressive online following, but fans are growing fearful for her safety.

While Trevejo has been posting concerning videos to Instagram for some time now, it seems that her personal situation has grown quite urgent, as the TikToker revealed she has allegedly run away from home.

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Her reasons for fleeing are both numerous and shocking for supporters: The singer claims that her father is addicted to drugs and her mother is an alcoholic, as told in an emotional Instagram Live directly after a confrontation with her mom over the issue.

In the stream, Trevejo admitted to smoking marijuana to deal with the constant stress at her house, and even accused her mother of enabling her father’s drug habit, as well as using her social media fame for money.

However, Trevejo also claimed that she doesn’t want to emancipate herself for fear that her mother will go to jail, and has instead seemingly run away from home.

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That’s not all; the TikToker even admitted that she has received threats from her mother’s boyfriend, alleging that she possesses voicemails of him saying such things as, “Somebody’s gonna pay for this,” and “You’d better watch yourself.”

“She wasn’t feeding me food for like, two or three weeks on purpose,” she said of her mother. “Since I didn’t have no control over my credit cards, nothing, I wasn’t gonna be able to eat nothing. And there was nothing in the house, ‘cause she would leave the house and leave me there alone.”

“Crazy how people try manipulating you,” she wrote in an additional Instagram post, likely a follow-up to another incident where her mother had allegedly tried to manipulate her into staying home by sending photos of herself crying.

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Malu Trevejo posts about the drama going on in her family.Instagram: Malu Trevejo
TikToker Malu Trevejo has posted several concerning statements to Instagram, which seem to allude to her current situation with her parents.

Fans are coming out in support for Trevejo and offering their sympathies for a concerning situation that is continuing to unfold online for one of TikTok’s burgeoning young personalities.