TikToker left terrified after car floods in wild viral video

TikTok: TheShibShow

TikToker theshibshow has gone viral on the ByteDance platform after capturing the moment her car began to flood with water in a bizarre car wash accident. 

Cleaning your car can be an arduous task but every motor needs to be shown a bit of TLC. Rather than take it upon themselves to rid their vehicle of dirt, TikTok user @theshibshow thought a trip to the car wash would solve the problem…until their car began to flood unexpectedly.

The TikToker documented the startling encounter, with many commenters requesting a follow-up video of the resulting damage.

an image of tik tok user theshibshow car floodTikTok: TheShibShow
@TheShibShow is a TikTok comedian but this time the joke definitely wasn’t staged.

TikToker provides an “update” on the damage to her flooded car

As the water began to seep into her car, TikToker @theshibshow began to panic, exclaiming “Oh my god, wait, I don’t what to do…I don’t want it inside of my car wash!”

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“Oh my god, I don’t know what to do!” she continued hysterically.

The first video of this watery adventure shows the TikToker’s footwells collecting soapy water and commenters haven’t hesitated to find the funny side of the story.

One commenter said: “I’m not a mechanic but I’m at least 65% sure that’s not right,” while @krayselley simply asked: “did you try putting it in rice?”

An update on the situation was promised by @theshibshow in the comments too: “Update: I’m taking my car into the shop tomorrow and I’ll let you guys know what happened.”

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The resulting damage was pretty severe as the TikToker’s mechanic explained “one drain there and another drain there had all leaves debris blocking the drains, causing it to build up, which would then leak into your recirculation.”

However, it seems to be a happy ending, albeit probably an expensive one, as the TikToker’s car “should be good to go” after some repairs.