TikToker Lauren Kettering opens up about “sketchy” Not a Content House

Charlotte Colombo
YouTube: Jordyn Jones

TikTok star Lauren Kettering, who, up until January this year, was part of now-disbanded content collective Not a Content House, has shed light on her experience in the House as part of Jordyn Jones’ podcast “What They Don’t Tell You.”

When Kettering, along with fellow TikToker Madi Monroe, was suddenly unfollowed by Not a Content House on January 11, many suspected that there was bad blood between the TikTok stars and the content house.

While both TikTokers at the time dispelled the rumors — with Lauren at the time saying that she just wanted to “do [her] own thing and [work] on a lot of projects” — it appears that now, amid allegations of misconduct against two managers of the House, Kettering, 16, is being more open about what really went down when she left.

In response to Jones’ question, where she asked Lauren about “one thing they don’t tell you about being in a content house,” Kettering said: “They [the management] were very controlling. I didn’t make money in the House.”

As alleged by several former members of Not a Content House, they were forced to do “house deliverables” by management, meaning that a lot of the money they earned went on utilities and rent.

Shedding light on a seemingly common problem among TikTokers, Jordyn responded: “That actually happens with a lot of the Houses, you see people getting $30,000 brand deals while you get nothing, and everything is just getting taken from you.”

Kettering continued to shed light on some of the allegations made against managers of the house, saying:”The management just lied about everything, and there is a lot of sketchy stuff we found out. I just feel like people need to really be careful with things like contracts.”

Lauren also remarked that she got “no freedom” as a member of the House, recalling how she had to miss one of her best friends’ birthdays in order to travel and do a sweepstake.

The Not a Content House pose together
Instagram: Not a Content House
Not a Content House was formed in August 2020.

She also claimed that the house itself had an ant problem, and was often unhygienic: “The house was so messy and dirty, they couldn’t even get people to clean it good,” she said.

Kettering also recalled how management allegedly hired security guards to evict them from the house, claiming that the guards threatened her, Katie Sigmund and Monroe with violence if they didn’t leave.”We were all minors at the time,” she added.

YouTube: Just a House
Several members of Not a Content House have spoken out about how managers allegedly mistreated them.

Despite the Centre for Disease Control temporarily banning tenant evictions due to the current health crisis, Lauren claimed in the podcast that she had to cut the trip to Anaheim short after getting a call informing her that all of her possessions were “in trash bags on the side of the road.”

Fans were shocked to hear about the extent of what went down in Not a Content House. One fan on YouTube said: “I felt so bad for Lauren while watching this, she’s went through so much,”  while another fan noted that “this goes to show that you shouldn’t judge people before you get to know who they are.”