TikToker Krista London breaks down in tears after backlash for criticizing her friend

Krista London TikTok breaks down in tearsTikTok: TheKristaLondon

TikToker Krista London uploaded a video jokingly criticizing her friend’s lack of social media skills, immediately getting backlash. Shortly after, she broke down in tears.

Sometimes when you post a video online talking about a recent experience, it can be taken the wrong way. And, with TikTok‘s one billion monthly users… it can be seen by a lot of people.

Krista London recently helped a friend improve her social media skills, and uploaded a video on her channel jokingly criticizing her lack of knowledge thinking it was a funny video topic.

Users seemed to think differently, leading to backlash and Krista uploading a second video where she broke down in tears with regret.

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TikToker Krista London receives backlash, breaks down in tears

In the now-deleted video, Krista criticized her friend’s lack of social media skills intending it to be a funny video.

“You know when you teach a grandma how to turn on an iPad? That was my day yesterday…She is a very, very talented photographer but she sucks at social media to a whole new level,” she explained.

Soon after, her friend’s husband slammed Krista for making fun of his wife online in a now-deleted video.

“Give me a break. ‘She sucks, she’s the worst.’ Who do you think you are? Other than your little followers on a little machine. In the words of Will Smith at an awards show [Keep my wife name out your mother f*ckin mouth],” he said.

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In her response video, Krista broke down in tears and apologized for her video while explaining she didn’t intend on offending anybody.

“I royally f*cked up and I didn’t even know,” she explained. “I clearly messed up this morning and I didn’t even know, but no I’m being blasted on social media. I 100% deserve it too. I spent the day yesterday with my friend teaching her how to do social media.

“We spent the entire day laughing yesterday. This morning I shared a video that I thought was funny but it most definitely came off as making fun of or shaming if you didn’t know the context.”

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“She didn’t tell me she was offended. From the depths of my soul, I would never go out of my way to make someone feel embarrassed or hurt,” she added.

Viewers quickly flooded the comments on the video in support as well, explaining that they didn’t think she was being offensive.

At the time of writing, neither her friend nor husband has responded to the apology. We’ll update this article if they do.

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