TikToker ImFendii confirms he’s alive after video concerns fans

ImFendi in an Instagram pictureInstagram: _imfendii

TikToker ImFendii has confirmed that he is actually alive and well, after a video he posted led many fans to believe that he had passed away.

ImFendii is a TikTok user with over 500,000 followers, who garnered attention on the platform for posting inspirational quotes about everything from relationships to life advice. His videos have over 10 million likes collectively.

However, fans of the creator grew concerned on January 24 when he posted a video that led many to believe he had passed away.

“RIP Fendii,” the caption in the video read, “sorry to all the fans that supported him. He’ll be missed and remembered for his heart-touching quotes.”

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The comment sections of his posts across social media were flooded with messages from concerned fans asking what happened, along with hundreds of ‘RIP’ comments. Comments were also rife with rumors and speculation about what had happened.

The rumors then became so widespread that Fendii had to address them on his Instagram story, confirming that he is, in fact, alive.

“Bruh wtf, I ain’t even mean it like that,” he said. “I’m not dead, I just meant that I’m not posting quotes no more and that’s what I was known for. But thanks fa caring.”

ImFendii writes on his Instagram storyInstagram: _imfendii
Fendii quickly responded to fans concerned messages.

“Imma go live later on TikTok and prove to y’all I’m not dead. I just mean I won’t post quotes no more. I might be happy in my TikTok & YouTube videos but behind the camera life be stressful sometimes. But I’ll never take my life away, my mind too strong for that, I have a lot to live for.”

Fans were of course relieved to see that it had all just been a misunderstanding, and quickly flocked to the comments of the TikTok to inform others that the popular creator had not passed away.