TikToker hits back at viral criticism over being married to “physically fit” husband

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woman hits back at backlash over marriage to physically fit husband
TikTok, Instagram: aliciamccarvell

A woman has gone viral on TikTok for hitting back at criticism she received after posting a video of herself with her “physically fit” husband — and she’s having none of the internet’s “trash” beauty standards.

Alicia Mccarvell is a fairly popular creator on TikTok, where she boasts over 4.9 million followers.

On her account, she often posts videos of herself with her husband, Scott — and the two are about as lovey-dovey as can be.

However, not everyone is jazzed about this particular pairing. One of Mccarvell’s most viral videos shows footage of herself and her husband wearing towels after a shower before transitioning into more formal attire and sharing a smooch.

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The clip has garnered over 23 million views, and while there are plenty of viewers labeling the couple “relationship goals,” some of the comments are less than nice.

Mccarvell hit back at these sentiments in a follow-up video shortly thereafter, where she revealed some commenters that were assuming her husband “must be gay,” saying he must “fetishize fat women,” or even suggesting she “must not have been fat when they met.”

That’s not all; she even claimed a woman had slid into her hubby’s DM’s to say that he should “be with a woman who looks like me.”


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Alicia was having none of it. “My video went viral, and I think we all know why,” she said. “It’s because, by beauty standards, we don’t make sense. The world looks at us and immediately values Scott more than me.”

“We’ve been made to believe that someone who is physically fit, like Scott, could never in a million years be in love with, or be compatible with, a fat woman,” she continued.

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Mccarvell’s video discussing the backlash has racked up over 14 million views as commenters chime in with their support for both Alicia and Scott.

“I literally am appalled by the response you get!” one user said. “I see a beautiful couple who loves each other and have immense value individually and as a couple.”

“So well said and spoken,” another chimed in. “I just don’t really have words for how cruel people can be. You and Scott are both beautiful humans and I love that you found one another.”

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Mccarvell has thanked her fans for all their support as she and her husband Scott continue to go viral for their endearing videos and body-positive advocacy.

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