TikToker goes viral saving driver from dangerous Alaska landslide

TikTok LandslideUnsplash

A TikToker saved an unsuspecting driver from an Alaskan landslide as the hiker warned them to avoid the imminent collapse before making her escape.

The Dirty Explorer’ is known for her informative videos on Alaska and goes out of her way to give viewers a taste of what it’s like in the United States’ isolated state.

These come in the form of her guides and exploration videos that can sometimes put her in compromising and dangerous positions.

One of these moments was caught in one of her latest TikToks in which the content creator not only showed what a landslide sounds like but also saved an unsuspecting driver in the process.

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TikToker saves unsuspecting driver from dangerous landside

In a TikTok that has garnered nearly 35 million views, The Dirty Explorer was seemingly working on one of her future videos when suddenly sounds of a rockslide began to get louder.

Realizing what was happening, the hiker immediately picked up her phone and began to run away from the mountain slope. Following her initial run, the TikToker thought that the rockslide began to slow down prompting her to do the same, but as soon as she stopped moving it continued.

This forced the content creator to run even further away which allowed her to warn an unsuspecting driver from going into the landslide.

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The driver, who she said in a text overlay was driving at 50mph on a blind bend was able to recognize her signals and stopped right away, later thanking her: “Literally 30 f**king seconds from getting killed.”

The video ended up prompting a series of follow-ups in which the Alaska-based hiker further explained why the landslides were happening in the first place.