TikToker goes viral for reloading everyday objects like FPS weapons

Lawrence Scotti
TikTok/Kommander Karl

TikToker Kommander Karl has gone viral for his series of videos where he reloads random things in his home as if they were FPS weapons.

Being a gamer means that you’ve, at least one time, pretended that an everyday object in your home was a weapon. Whether it was a banana or the TV remote, we’ve all hid behind the couch and screamed “Check your six!” at least once.

TikTok star Kommander Karl has taken this fantasy to the next level with his video series titled “Reloading random things as FPS weapons”, and it’s amazing.

TikToker’s incredible “FPS” videos

Karl’s popular video series involves taking everyday items, like a pencil sharpener or a caulk gun, then holding and reloading them as if they were an FPS weapon.

The sound effects are spot-on, and replicate the high-quality sounds found in any Call of Duty title.

One of his more impressive videos is him “reloading” a pencil sharpener, as he slaps off the top of the machine and slams a pencil into the sharpening hole.


The pencil sharpener was number 37 in his long list of videos in the series. It’s impressive how mesmerizing the TikToks are, as the videos are so rewatchable you could find yourself running through all of them multiple times.

Their popularity is a testament to Karl’s sound effects abilities, and how we all secretly continue to pretend everyday objects in our homes are CoD or Halo weapons.