TikToker goes viral for exposing young brother’s embarrassing search history

TikToker shows brother's search historyTikTok/ismydad

A sister is going viral on TikTok for showing off her brother’s very suspicious search history and users are absolutely loving it, for the most part.

The internet can be home to many of life’s difficult questions, such as where babies come from. As such, no one ever wants to have their search history exposed, but that’s exactly what happened to a young child on TikTok.

In 2022, kids of all sorts of ages have grown up with technology and the power to use Google. However, not all children are familiar with incognito mode or deleting search history – something that came back to bite one kid very hard.

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In a viral TikTok, user TylerIsMyDad revealed her brother’s search history and has completely taken over the internet.

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TikToker exposes brother’s search history

In the short six-second clip, TylerIsMyDad pulled up her brother’s phone and checked out what he had been searching on YouTube.

Given the boy’s age, there were a lot of expected spelling errors, but some of the searches were just downright hilarious: “bobies, “peple kiss bobies,” and “ajina” were just a couple of the searches shown.

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“I’m seeing some f**king suspicious [searches],” the TikToker said while pulling up the search history.

However, despite the clip going viral, not everyone was happy with the user humiliating her brother, leading her to address the complaints in a follow-up.

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TikToker responds to backlash over brother’s search history

According to TylerIsMyDad, she knew to look at her brother’s phone after his friend’s mom explained how her son had made very similar searches on his own computer.

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“My mom talked to him about it,” she explained. “No one humiliated him though, he just didn’t expect us to find it. I didn’t put his face in the video.”

She further added that she felt the video was just in good fun, saying how “we’ve all been caught red handed” in the past.

In any case, the original clip has amassed a whopping 16.8 million views in just over a week, making it incredibly viral and a lesson to everyone: incognito mode exists and you should use it.

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