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TikToker goes viral for creating “database” of every guy she’s dated

Published: 12/Feb/2021 19:28

by Virginia Glaze


In the age of online dating, it’s more common than not to run into the occasional person who’s not exactly your cup of tea — but one woman is going viral for organizing her dating successes and failures into an intricate database.

While almost everyone keeps a mental log of the people they’ve either dated long-term, saw for a short time, or hooked up with, one woman has taken the net by storm for keeping an intricate log of everyone she’s met up with via dating apps.

31-year-old TikToker Jenny has sparked quite the conversation after sharing a detailed database full of her dating history, which she uploaded in response to TikToker ‘creylea12,’ who seemed dubious about people who claimed to remember each person they’ve ever hooked up with.


It’s not just names or faces that Jenny remembers, though; she’s got a full-on spreadsheet with all sorts of information, including how excited she was to meet the person, how often they saw each other or hooked up, their height, and even their occupation.

Tinder logo on a smart phone.
Unsplash.com: Mika Baumeister, @mbaumi
One TikToker has gone viral after compiling a heap of data from her dates on various dating apps like Tinder and Bumble.

As if that weren’t enough, she even created a pie chart showing how many dates she went on from various apps, finding the most success on Tinder and Hinge as opposed to Bumble and The League.

Jenny also compiled a “Survival Chart” of her dates, which showed that if she saw someone four times, she was likely to see them again “10 plus times.”


Commenting that “data is beautiful,” Jenny’s enthusiasm for the project — as well as the fact that she created the database, at all — is throwing some viewers for a loop, with many users commenting that she “needs help” and that her experiment “isn’t healthy.”

@findingjenny##stitch with @crelyea12 where my spreadsheet gang at @redjustinphan @manicbunnie ##tinder ##hinge♬ original sound – Jenny

Jenny, however, argues that “everyone can be reduced down to data points,” commenting in response to one angry viewer: “I wonder if people get as upset if the Census Bureau collects information about their demographic and then compiles it into aggregated stats.”

Jenny hits back at critical comments about her database.
TikTok: @findingjenny
TikToker @findingjenny has been met with some vitriol after showing off all the data she’s compiled on her dating ventures.

While the original TikTok that sparked Jenny’s fame on the platform was uploaded in December, it’s quickly making the rounds across social media once again, garnering over 2 million views at the time of writing.


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