TikToker goes viral for comforting Amanda Bynes days before psychiatric hold

TikToker meets Amanda Bynes days before psychiatric holdTikTok: kaitlynhotfox

A woman is taking over TikTok after capturing a video of herself comforting former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes mere days before the actress was placed in a psychiatric hold.

It’s not every day you meet a celebrity on the street — but that’s exactly what happened to TikTok user Kaitlyn during a nighttime stroll in Los Angeles.

Kaitlyn (‘@kaitlynhotfox’) says she was taking a walk in Hollywood on St. Patrick’s Day when she stumbled into Amanda Bynes. Bynes can be seen holding onto the TikToker’s arm as the two make their way down the road in a video recording of their interaction that’s gone viral on social media.

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“Amanda, say what’s up,” Kaitlyn says.

“What’s up!” Amanda answers.

“We’re just walking the streets of Hollywood,” Kaitlyn continues. “It’s St. Patrick’s Day. I saw my girl walking, so I had to say what’s up.”

That’s not all; Kaitlyn also claims that she gave Bynes some money and stopped to chat with the actress. “Happy she’s getting the help she needs,” she wrote in the video’s caption. “She was sweet, [I] gave her some money and talked. Sometimes, people just need somebody to talk to.”

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Woman’s meeting with Amanda Bynes goes viral days before actress’s psychiatric hold

Kaityln’s TikTok has racked up over 4 million views since being uploaded on Monday, March 20, and is inciting sympathy from viewers in the comments.

“We’re all praying for you Amanda Bynes,” one user wrote.

“Aw, the way she’s holding onto you!” another said.

“Hollyweird does such a number on these child stars,” yet another commented. “It breaks my heart. Sending love to you Amanda. I literally want to cry.”

comment replies to amanda bynes viral tiktok copyTikTok: kaitlynhotfox

Kaitlyn’s video was posted mere days before Bynes was placed in a psychiatric hold after being found wandering the streets at night, naked, early Sunday morning according to reports from TMZ.

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The outlet claims that Bynes called 911 herself after flagging down a car in downtown LA. Authorities determined she needed to be placed in a “5150 psych hold.” Sources state that Bynes was unharmed.

This is just the latest celebrity encounter to go viral on TikTok after Chris Brown caught flak for throwing a fan’s phone into the crowd during a performance on stage.

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