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TikToker goes viral after showing people how to properly open Gatorade bottles

Published: 16/Jan/2022 22:02

by Jaret Kappelman


Despite the popularity of Gatorade, people are having their minds blown as a viral TikTok actually shows the proper way to open the beverage’s packaging.

TikTokers are constantly finding different tricks that may seem like common knowledge, but many people don’t know. Gatorade, like other sports drinks, is often secured in plastic rings to keep multiple bottles together.

There’s a decent chance that you’ve bought Gatorade before, but have you been opening it the right way? A viral TikTok that shows an incredibly simple way to separate these drinks from that annoying plastic shell.

Gatorade package opening TikTok goes viral

TikToker ‘B Nation’ went viral with their simple video of a “Today I learned.” In it, they take a normal Gatorade 8-pack and reveal that you’ve likely been taking them out of the plastic the wrong way your entire life.



Comment if you knew this, or this is new to you, because I was shocked !! #fyp #newdiscovery #todayyearsold #gatorade @Gatorade

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Instead of trying to rip or pull the bottle out of the plastic wrapping, there is actually a perforated tear-away strip that makes it super simple. So simple, in fact, you’ll wonder why you never thought of or noticed it before.

“I just learned this and I’m so pissed that I didn’t know this before because I was using all my strength pulling these things out,” B Nation said.

Other people were just as surprised to learn this after all these years of just taking them out “normally,” which actually wasn’t the normal way at all. Dozens of replies confirmed they were “NOW years old” when they discovered this technique.


Gatorade TikTok
Most replies were people that were shocked to realize this.

“So you’re telling me I didn’t have to fight with these until my hands were beet red to get them out?” Another TikTok flabbergasted with this discovery replied.

People also noted that this method also breaks the plastic up which is more environmentally friendly and safer for wildlife, as opposed to removing them and leaving the rings intact.