TikToker goes viral after husband tells her to “tuck in” stomach for photo

tiktokers husband tells her to tuck in stomach for photoTikTok: sairaayan__

A TikToker has sparked a debate on the viral video website after sharing a clip of her husband reminding her to “tuck in” her tummy for a photo.

TikTok is known for starting the occasional debate about such topics as tipping culture, first date etiquette, and more.

However, the latest conversation to take over the app is about whether or not you’d accept your partner telling you to ‘tuck in’ your tummy before taking a picture.

TikToker Saira uploaded a short clip showing herself and her husband posing on a beach with a cityscape behind them at sunset, clearly about to snap a photo for the Gram.

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Right before the pic snapped, though, Saira’s partner reaches out his hand to pat her stomach, seemingly reminding her to suck in her abdomen before the camera flashed.

Saira seemed visibly affected by the gesture and captioned her video: “I appreciate it, but at the same time, do I get mad at him for doing that?”

Commenters outraged after TikToker’s husband tells wife to “tuck in” her stomach

Her question prompted a slew of differing responses from commenters — some of whom say that would be the “last straw” in their relationship.

“I would not accept this,” one user wrote.

“No… Even if I asked him, his response should be, ‘WHY? YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!’ Why would you let anyone encourage anything like that?” another said.

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“Me, personally, I wouldn’t let that slide,” another commented.

tiktokers respond to husband telling wife to suck in stomachTikTok: sairaayan__

Others say that they would have appreciated the reminder, saying they would have hated the photos if they weren’t “sucking in.”

“My friend does this to me because she knows I’ll look back at the pictures and not like them,” one person replied.

It looks like Saira is in agreement. “Yes that’s why,” she said to the above comment. “We’ve been married two years and he’s my best friend, he knows I’ll hate the picture afterward if I looked hella bloated and I told him.”

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tiktoker responds to commentTikTok: sairaayan__

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