TikToker goes viral after hairdresser completely butchers her hair

Lawrence Scotti
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Tiktok: ancamonica

TikTioker ancamonica went viral for their video showing off their haircut with bangs that wasn’t exactly what they were looking for.

For better or worse, we’ve all had this thought at least one time: “I should get bangs.”

It feels like bangs, more than any other hairstyle, have a chance to blow up in your face and make you feel a solid amount of regret straight out of the parlor.

When TikToker ancamonica asked for bangs at the hairdresser, the results wasn’t what she was looking for, and went viral for displaying the aftermath.

TikToker’s disastrous haircut goes viral

Her video showing off the bangs instantly got tons of attention on TikTok, racking up over 200k views since it was posted.

Her caption in the video read, “Your hairdresser does this to you… what do you do?” and showed off the bangs she received which looked more like a face-curtain than anything.

She posted multiple videos of the failed haircut, which she eventually got cut to more nicely fit her face.

“Y’all have no sense of style because the amount of people saying my new haircut is bad is insane, can’t you all see this is a work of art?!”

Although their original haircut was certainly not what they were looking for, at least they eventually got bangs in the way they originally desired.

Also, going viral in the process is always a plus.