TikToker goes viral after finding ‘skeleton’ behind bathroom mirror

Skeleton Behind Bathroom Mirror TikTokTikTok: kzwpg

A TikToker has gone viral after her family found a ‘skeleton’ hidden behind their bathroom mirror with a note attached. 

Outside of viral trends and popular sound clips on TikTok, many creators have found mass popularity thanks to an interesting video making its way to the algorithm.

A few examples of those videos are the Starbucks barista ‘spilling the tea’ on the chain’s biggest secrets, or even a TikToker claiming their Airbnb had a hidden camera in its shower head.

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Another TikToker by the name ‘kzwpg,’ who’s real name is Kaleigh, has gone viral after her family found a fake prop skeleton hidden behind her bathroom mirror during a home renovation.

TikToker finds skeleton behind bathroom mirror

Uploaded on June 17, the video has received almost five million views and thousands of comments about the hidden skeleton Kaleigh found after her parents removed the bathroom mirror.

The caption reads: “I’ve lived here for six years and this skeleton has been watching me from behind the bathroom mirror this whole time.”

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As they continued to remove the drywall covering the skeleton, they found that it was dressed in a button-up shirt and jeans with a note in the shirt pocket.

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“Boo! Ha ha, did I scare you? Jason Lane, 2013,” the note read, showing that it was all an elaborate prank from the former resident.

Kaleigh also mentioned in another comment that Jason also left a flash drive in the skeleton’s back pocket with old photos from when the house was owned by his grandfather.

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Viewers have taken to the comments explaining that they want to do something similar to their house in the future. So don’t be surprised if more and more houses have their very own creepy friend.

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