TikToker goes viral after Dunkin’ Donuts refuses to serve them oat milk despite allergy

Soupy Soleis TikTok dunkin managerTikTok: SoupySoleis/Unsplash: eyestetix

A TikToker has gone viral after a Dunkin’ manager refused to give her service after she almost forgot to tell the employee she wanted oat milk due to a dairy allergy.

Over the last few years, TikTok has gained massive popularity throughout the world, with creators sharing a wide variety of stories.

Some of those stories include a Dunkin’ employee getting into a heated argument with a customer in December 2021.

Now a TikToker by the name of SoupySoleis has gone viral after uploading a video showing a Dunkin’ manager refusing to give her service after a mistake while ordering.

TikTok goes viral after Dunkin’ manager refuses service

Uploaded on September 22, Soupy’s video has been viewed nearly 400,000 times.

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Although she didn’t begin recording until the altercation with the manager began, she gave context at the end of the video.

“I ordered two pumpkin iced chai lattes, and I asked for oat milk at the end of the order and she said, ‘Now I gotta redo the entire order,'” She explained.

“I repeated it to her to make sure she got it and she cut me off.”

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When Soupy asked why she was being denied service, the manager responded: “Because I am the manager, and I said I’m not giving you any service, Can you please get out of my line? … Get out of my f*cking line now.”

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Viewers flooded the comments with support for the creator while calling for the manager to lose her job.

One user commented: “This is a case of the worker was extremely out of line and should be fired. I’ve worked in service my entire life you don’t treat people like this.”

While another replied: “The amount she took arguing with you about some milk, she could have probably redone your order.”