TikToker goes viral after DoorDasher crashes into house while delivering food

door dash car accidentvia BruceAB / DoorDash

A TikTok video is going viral on the platform after someone saw her DoorDash delivery crash just around the corner from its drop off on a nearby house’s property.

The TikToker immediately reached out to DoorDash to check on the driver and customer support was apparently told it “was not that serious.” That left the customer very confused seeing as she saw the “entire car on top of a chain link fence.”

After the incident occurred, they posted the story onto their account where TikTok audiences were in disbelief at the unfortunate end to her order – since it didn’t look like she got her food, though it was right around the corner

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The video has exploded since she posted it online, with clips filled with police cruisers and fire trucks as response units helped out on the scene.

Comments flooded the post with people sharing their concern for the driver while they were stunned at the incident that occurred.

The TikToker, who goes by ‘karlienonu,’ explained how she reacted in the moment by taking steps to ensure the driver was okay,

“Doordash was able to call the customer and canceled the order so she could focus on the accident,” she said. “I honestly wanted them to make sure the driver was okay since the police wouldn’t let me check!”

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It sounds as if this situation was able to resolve itself, but TikTokers have found themselves in strange situations with their Dashers in the past.

doordash crashvia karlienonu TikTok
The TikToker had to check up on her DoorDasher after getting into an accident a block away.

In one instance, a cop had to complete the delivery himself because the DoorDash drive got arrested on the way to their house.

There was also a time when another driver tried to claim a DoorDash customer’s food by rolling up to their location, taking a picture of the ‘delivered items,’ then taking off with the order they were supposed to be dropping off.

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